2nd Tourism Summer School in Izmir, Turkey

2nd Tourism Summer School in Izmir, Turkey

Young students, experts, professionals and people who love tourism from all over the Mediterranean and the world, will meet this September in the historical city of Izmir, Turkey, between the dates 11-16. The Summer School is supported by Dokuz Eylül University and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

This international event is organized by the Institute of EuroMed Affairs with Dokuz Eylul University, which is one of the most active universities of Izmir, hosting also during September the Third Biennial International Conference on Services Marketing.

Group work phases in a team and multi-disciplinary courses

izmir summer school 02Moreover the Izmir Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active Chambers in the Mediterranean region, awarded lately for its superb work in the cruise tourism. 

The Summer School academic program is geared toward the development of key analytical skills and strategic competencies applied to the tourism sector. Team-based workshops and multidisciplinary courses intend to stimulate thought and cultivate intellectual development in an international setting, offering students the opportunity to share knowledge, build on mutual understanding and cooperate on travel & tourism destination case studies.

izmir summer school 03There will be also cultural and educational visits near the location event area. 

We will all be there to address you a warm welcome to Izmir both in Greek and in Turkish, “Kalos Orisate” and “Hoşgeldiniz”!

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