Melanie Heinle: Traveling with kith and kin for a year?

Melanie Heinle: Traveling with kith and kin for a year?

- And then also a cultural trip? The doctorate in ancient history Melanie Heinle from Munich is doing exactly that at the moment.

Together with her husband Alex and their four-year-old son Vincent, she travels through 12 countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

The three are not just on vacation. Melanie Heinle is on a research trip - she has received one of the annually advertised, coveted travel grants from the German Archaeological Institute. That also means for her son: a lot of museums and ruins to visit! In addition, it is above all the encounters with the people that impress all three - the different languages, the foreign food, the hospitality and the warmth that they experience everywhere.

melanie heinle 7At the Friendship and Literature Festival, the 33-year-old will talk about how they spent this time and how the three of them survived in a 20-year-old Mercedes bus.

"Culture trip with child - or: 365 days (surviving) life in the bus" The booklet will be aimed primarily at parents - but I think that the lecture (20 min, Powerpoint with sound) is also suitable for the literature festival. Because travel educates and travel connects!

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