Custom and Entry Regulations of Turkey

Zoll- und Einreisebestimmungen

After the introduction of cross-border agreements between the European countries by the EC, the amount of goods allowed to be brought into these countries from non "EC" countries are standard.

Tax free amounts of goods are the amounts which can be brought into the EC without declaring tax on them. These amounts are only free for private use and only apply to people over the age of 17 years.


200 cigarettes or 100 small cigars (weight 3 grams/cigar), or 50 big cigars, or 250 grams of cigarette tobacco.


1 litre spirits (alcohol 22 % or more) or 2 litres wine (alcohol less then 22 %)
Taxes on goods from abroad.

Up to 175.00 Euros:

Coming home from outside the EC to an international terminal you are allowed to import goods for your private use up to the value of 175.00 €.

Between 175.00 and 350.00 Euros:

If you arrive by air from abroad you need to pay a basic tax of 13.5 % on all the goods you are importing (Except coffee, alcohol, tobacco and petrol).
If you are importing goods worth more then 350.00 €, you need to pay tax on the whole value. The amount of money depends on the national rate of value added tax, plus an additional rate of duty depending on the goods. This can be from 2 to 15 %. As an example, the rate of duty payable on bikes is 15%, on clothes it is 3%.

In - and Outgoing Goods

All goods of more than 1.000.00 € in value, need to be declared in written form. An exception to this is:
If you are entering the EC from Russia, crossing Poland or the Czech Republic by land or water, you need to pay customs on goods whose value is more than 125.00 €.

Car Import and Export

There are special regulations on im- and exporting cars, please watch them carefully, better talk to your touring club about it.

For more details you can use:
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Entry Regulations

Foreign Citizens who are not staying in Turkey for more than three months need their passport for entry into Turkey. In addition, they will need to purchase a visa, currently costing £10 sterling.


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