Neckar - Alb - Aare - On the Roman road through the year 2024

Neckar - Alb - Aare - On the Roman road through the year 2024

The “Outside and Close by” event season for 2024 has begun and there are a number of destinations for regional short vacations, especially during the Easter period.

And as has been usual for years, our friend Christiane has again contacted us with the plan for the Roman road Neckar - Alp - Aare for the 2024 season as well as some innovations and asked for it to be published, which we have always been very happy to do. Many greetings to Rottweil on this way.

The Neckar-Alb-Aare Roman road has grown:

highlights 01Three new members have enriched our club this year, so visitors can look forward to exciting discoveries, and not just on their own. Many offers, including for families and children, bring life to life in the Roman province almost 2,000 years ago. From the hustle and bustle of large Roman festivals to small but nice tours to hidden monuments or special topics, there is something for everyone.

As always, we have summarized our annual highlights in a handy flyer that lists an example of one event per location on Römerstrasse. The digital version is attached; the printed flyer can be requested free of charge from the office if it hasn't already landed in your mailbox or can be downloaded here!

Many other promotions and current information are always available on our homepage.

New sights on the Roman Road

highlights 02We welcome three new members to the Römerstraße: Eigeltingen (Konstanz district), Schramberg-Waldmössingen and Aichhalden-Rötenberg (both Rottweil district).

We set off across the Black Forest with the fort in Waldmössingen and the temple district on Brandsteig near Rötenberg. The Kinzigtal route connected the Rhine with the upper Danube and led from Strasbourg via Rottweil to the Danube near Tuttlingen.

The Roman estate of Eigeltingen im Hegau is a charming detour from Engen and is lovingly cared for by the volunteers of the local support association.

More information about the individual locations can be found here: New Members

The photo above shows the rebuilt fort tower of Waldmössingen, the photos below show the Eigeltinger Gutshof and a gem depicting the goddess of victory, Victoria, which was found on the Brandsteig.

Tips for the Easter holidays

highlights 03There should be no boredom over the Easter days either.

In the Thurgau Museum of Archeology in Frauenfeld, for example, the Easter competition is called “Follow the Rabbits”.

Many of our facilities are now opening again over the summer, be it the open-air museum in Hechingen-Stein or the Vindonissa Legionnaires' Trail in Windisch. There will be a big opening party there on April 7th under the motto "Animals in Vindonissa".

highlight 06I wish you a lot of fun and stimulating experiences on your journeys of discovery along the Neckar-Alb-Aare Roman road!

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