Misty layer above the Aoos - river valley shrouded in clouds

Misty layer above the Aoos - the river valley shrouded in clouds

Early the next morning we had already made our way on the way from Bourazani to Konitsa together with Giorgos, who wanted to lead us to the local stone arch bridge above the village (this will be published another article).


Of course, the impressions at the bridge, the view into the valley beyond, where the hiking trails into the Pindos begins, were of fascinating beauty. However, we were also fascinated when looking down on the course of the Aoos, .....


the course of which was completely covered by clouds and mist down in the valley. Not the slightest trace of the Aoos River and its leafy riparian forests could be seen.


In late summer and autumn the days get shorter and the nights longer. In windless conditions and clear nights, the air cools down and the cold air layers collect in the valleys.


In between, the view of the mountain massif in the background, which is already beyond the border in Albania.


Often a kind of cold air lake is formed there, being cooler than on the surrounding mountains. In addition, cold air can absorb less moisture and thus is quickly completely saturated with water vapor.


As a result, the moisture contained in the air begins to condense, that is, to go from the gaseous to the liquid state. The resulting, fine water droplets assemble  which create the fog.

In the course of autumn, fog fields become more and more durable and tougher, as the sun no longer provides the energy needed to "heat it up" in the morning.


The cold-air lakes can continue to develop, which further increases the probability of fogging.


Mist dissolution usually only occurs when the sun is getting higher again on the horizon, so that the ground-level cold air will be "heated up".

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