Following the footsteps of Vikings with BTurtle

With B-Turtle and Bike following the footsteps of the Vikings

Schleswig-Holstein, next to silent beaches along the North Sea and Baltic Sea coast, still offers couple of sights worth seeing and above all historical embossed inland.

Experience beautiful nature and interesting historical and modern sights on the Viking-Friesenweg. This first long-distance cycle route offers not just a length of approx. 300 km (round trip, individually shortened), there are 47 listening stations on the way too (free audio guide) and, of course, the associated GPS tracks.

The tour is peppered with a wealth of interesting stops: baroque mansions, museums and exhibitions for young and old, historical old towns, beautiful bathing areas, secluded nature reserves, delicious rest stops and of course historical traces of the Viking Age.

Friedrichstadt – the Venice of Schleswig-Holstein

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_schleswig-schlei_canal-friedrichstadt.jpgTo take advantage of the prevailing west wind, the tour starts in St. Peter Ording to the East. About Tating and Garding it turns on to Tönning. Just on this section, there is already so much to see that an overnight stay can be useful. Officially, the first stage (62 km) goes to Friedrichstadt, the Venice of Schleswig-Holstein.

From Friedrichstadt we continue to Norder and Süderstapel, Hollingstedt to Schleswig. Here, in Gottorp Castle, there is the Archaeological State Museum. But as you may know, you should stop at the World Heritage Haithabu to take a look at.

The third stage takes you on the northern shore of Schlei river via Schaalby and Kappeln to Maasholm to the mouth of Schlei. You can expect beautiful natural impressions as well as contemplative places such as Arnis, the smallest city in Germany.

Bike route – take enough of holiday days to enjoy the North

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_bturtle-touren_schleswig-schlei_schlei-radweg-3.jpgThe fourth stage takes you on the southern shore of the loop passing Sieseby and castle Luisenlund back to Schleswig. From here you can either take the train back to St. Peter Ording (or if you use your own bikes back to Hamburg) or you follow the cycle path on a different route back via Friedrichstadt to St. Peter Ording.

Since St. Peter Ording, Tönning, Schleswig and Kappeln offer so many different excursion possibilities, we recommend: Collect enough holidays free time!

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Options to stay during the trip:

There are several campsites in St. Peter Ording, for example these ones:

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