Town of Ancient Empire and Bishopric: Bamberg

Town of Ancient Empire and Bishopric: Bamberg

For months, we were intending to visit Bamberg, one of the most beautiful towns of Germany. It is the town of  ancient empires and bishopric that is accepted as one of the most beautiful towns belongs to Medieval-Baroque period of Germany and it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993.

Shopping in Bamberg

Along with small and special stores, you can find the branches of popular brands with wide product range on the romantic and narrow streets of the old town. This variety of alternatives build up not only  passion for shopping, but also offers a joyous shopping for the visitors.

Branches of popular brands in Bamberg

At the sunny street cafes, you can relieve the shopping fatigue by drinking coffee, besides you can try delicious cookies and pies of Germany. If you travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can tie the love lock and throw the key to the ditch waters of the river from one of the Bamberg bridges.

Love Locks on Bamberg bridges

Bamberg is the reflection of the power of church and empire and the most interesting structure of the town is The Old Town Hall which was built on the Regnitz River in 1461. It was quite an absorbing structure with the frescos on the exterior front and establishing a domination limit at the same time.

The Old Town Hall

Two bridges are the connection point between The Old Town Hall and two sides of the town. “Rottmeisterhäuschen”  is the tiny structure at its east and it is only connected with building next to it.

Center of Franc emperors and bishops 

With its historic old town, Bamberg was the center of Francia emperors and bishops of an era. On the one side The Old Bishopric building next to the Dom Cathedral, on the other side The New Residence (Neue Residenz) building stands by to set out you on a journey inside the history. The tiny structure Rottmeisterhäuschen you have seen in the photograph below, symbolizes the town in a lot of postcards.


Aforementioned as Little Venice, the colored flowers on the balconies of the old fishing stations on the riverside and the small boats in front of them, present a visual feast.

Little Venice

Bamberg is a town to worth to be seen. Even if you are not close to the old town, I suggest that you create an opportunity for a visit.

Little Venice in Bamberg


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