Rapsani Camperstop - further exploring surrounding places

Rapsani Camperstop - further exploring of surrounding places

Some first articles and blog information about Rapsani and its Rapsani Olympus Camper Stop we had already added online few weeks ago, now we decided to make further explorations in the area and in the Olympus National Park.


And since we wanted to go up to Olympus Mountain for further hikes, where usage of caravan is difficult, we had borrowed a roof tent for our car from Zampetas in Thessaloniki, as well to gain experience in handling, because we sometimes noticed the advantages of a roof tent when going off-road.


The Camper Stop Rapsani or Avin Camper Stop is located directly opposite the train station of Rapsani and offers, next to the pitch for caravans and campers, a typical Greek restaurant at a gas station, so that both the "Board" of travelers and the vehicle are possible.


At the Camper Stop Rapsani we had arranged to meet up with Andrea and John, the Brazilian couple, working on the environmental project to bring clean water from Mount Olymp to their polluted home bay "to clean it up", in a symbolic way, for sure, with the Olympic Games in the back as multimedia for publicity. After our arrival and a welcome coffee at the camper stop we still had little more time to explore the canyon opposite the Camper Stop.


John was hard to stop when he saw the first rock wall of the canyon ...... if, however, the beach flops are the right footwear?


The estimated readers of our blog articles will remember, that John is a well-known film director and correspondingly knows how to put himself or others into "scene". The scene in the photograph was specifically done for his son, who is an avid mountaineer.


Who ever has posted his name into this tree, we could not find out. Just that it must have happened years ago due to the deepness of the signs.


Along the canyon and grabbing the goat tracks up into the mountain heights, which are also ideal for hiking.


After a short time we had gained enormously in height, so that the view in the depth and breadth of the canyon opened more and more.


A look back to the National Park at Mount Olympus, whose green slopes are visible in the image, high above the wine village of Rapsani. If you are interested in a tour of the vineyards of Rapsani, please contact Nikos Papadimitrio, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who is awaiting your email for first contact.


As the dawn began, we slowly headed back toward the camper stop Rapsani .....


...... when we met with this mighty tree trunk in the exposed place carved by the weather and insects. More mighty plane trees we noticed, so we decided to publish another article about them.


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