Hiking at Mount Olympus - from Priona to Pigadouli

Hiking at Mount Olympus - from Priona to Pigadouli

Around noon we arrived at the parking lot in Priona at 1,020 meters. Since Andrea and John wanted to take care of their spring water, we decided to hike alone to the Refuge "S. Agapitos", one of the mountain huts to stay on Olympus Mountain at about 2,100 meters.


A short part, the tour went along the creek, Andrea and John had chosen for taking their olympic water.


The waterfall is however artificially supported, applicable as an additional attraction for the friends of Olympus, which do not seek to climb to more then 2,000 meters or even to the peaks at 2,900 meters.


Initially it was a relatively flat sections in dense deciduous forests but steady ascent ahead.


This part was followed by rocky passages demanding steps necessitated already some more forces.


Here is the passage is leading through the creek bed, which was, however, due to the progress of summer was completely dry already.


What is also true for this log: completely dried up!


Dark storm clouds appeared and suddenly there was doubt as to the whether if we would probably be able to reach our afternoon target. But we just wanted to reach Refuge S. Agapitos, about 1,100 meters of height difference, which should mean about 3.5 hours of hiking.


Despite the midday heat, it was very pleasant to walk through the forest which offered cool shade and again some flat passages for recreation on the rise.


The storm clouds, however warped rapidly, so that also our fears scattered.


A first view of the massive cliffs of the summit of Olympus landscape.


After about half of the ascent we reached a shelter, which also offered benches next to fresh spring water. One or the other hikers took advantage of this offer. With Pigadouli, the intermediate target was reached already.


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