Today again - something special today: Angelika Wesner

Today again - something special today: Angelika Wesner

Now and then an email, then a first appointment, why not having a meeting at the CMT in Stuttgart - so our contacts were created and deepened - after all, fairs are the places where manufacturers and clients or customers should meet. Is not similar with authors and their readers?

So there was a first meeting in Hall 9 at the Frankana booth, a short personal exchange after the first online contacts and how true once again, it fits.


The author, cabaret artist and camper Angelika Wesner made her passion a profession years ago and end of 2011 her debut novel "SOKO Camping - Death never makes holidays" was published.


In 2014 her second camping thriller "SOKO Camping - Textile Free into Hell" was published. Both books have been self-published.


Behind the tinted windows of her motor home, she closely observes her fellow human beings - and those who are not careful enough can quickly find themselves in their humorous detective novels.

Or you watch her in her new stage program "Renaade Stempfle - Camping in Schwäbisch", a program that is shown daily in Hall 2 during the CMT.

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