Always an eye-catcher - old bikes from Miele to Gazelle

Always an eye-catcher - old bikes from Miele to Gazelle

At the beginning of the development of bicycle manufacturers, there were a variety of bicycle factories whose development path, such as the brands Opel and NSU, led to the car much later.


This development was forgotten, at the latest as the economic miracle and the underclass motorized.


The increasing environmental movement in the 1970s gave a first boost to rethinking the design and conception of the bike and the necessary infrastructure.


Today, the bike conquers the cities, a classic car scene, of course, there are: with basement finds and or old farms, really expensive New Old Stock parts and high-priced restorations.


And yet, not every classic car fan in a car has the charm of classic bicycles. Why is it? Are old bicycles no good investment?


For example, does an old Miele bike fit in the classic car life of a collector?


And that's why old bicycles are not one of the things that makes the nostalgic's life more interesting. Because it fits, when next to the S-Class of 1979, an old Peugeot racing bike parks, as if it had never been different.


Because it can have more emotional impact than 450 Newton meters of an old racing car, if you climb the Bonanza Bike at 45, of which you have dreamed as a teenager but not could realize.


Because an almost perfect first coat is always great, whether on the Porsche or Peugeot. And just a little bit of work on the way has not harmed anyone.

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