Walk on Lake Murten - oaks and pines line the beach

Walk on Lake Murten - oaks and pines line the beach

A friend's visit had taken us to the village of Avenches, not far from Lake Murten in Switzerland, where in the afternoon we could take a long walk along the beach path under shady trees.


However, access to the shore is a bit adventurous at first, as you first cross narrow paths through a green area of mixed forest and dense shrubbery. Then suddenly the green clears and the view of the lake becomes free.


Lake Murten is located in the cantons of Friborg and Vaud. Not far away is the town of Avenches, once the provincial capital of the province of Helvetia at Roman times. We will still report.


Main inflow into the Murtensee is the Broye, which drains 63% of the catchment area of the lake. The Murtensee in turn drains into the brook channel, which leads the lake water into the Neuenburgersee.


Together with Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Murten serves as a balancing reservoir for Aare, which flows into Lake Biel. When floodwaters on the Aare flood the Bielersee, the runoff comes to a standstill and at times the water flows backwards.


Lake Murten is 8.2 km long and 2.8 km wide at the most. Its maximum depth is 45 m, the theoretical residence time of the water in the lake is 1.6 years, so that gives excellent water quality for bathing.


With an area of 22.8 km², Lake Murten is the smallest of the three large Swiss Jura sand lakes, after Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Biel.


Lake Murten offers a variety of leisure and water sports facilities; Among other things there is a sailing school, a surf school and two wakeboard schools. Apart from swimming and swimming.


On the eastern shore of the lake are three smaller viewing platforms. About 40 meters from the north shore, near Guévaux, lies the island of La Grande Île with an area of 0.1 ha.


Wide areas are reserved for nature conservation, no wonder that many species of birds here feel extremely well.

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