New impressions from mountain village Vevčani

New impressions from mountain village Vevčani in Macedonia

Once again, our project work had taken us to the mountain village of Vevčani, where it was time to take a tour through the narrow streets of the village.


The background of the tour was the documentation of the existing old buildings, consisting of a mixture of wooden and stone constructions, which gives this place a particularly attractive character.


The first restorations have been implemented quite appealingly, as we noticed on our first visit, including the small coffee house with its open terrace on the banks of the creek.


Rural and small-scale farming, you can see the harvest from the gardens hung to dry in many places, colorfully surrounded by flower tubs.


In addition to the red peppers, onions and garlic and the corn is hung to dry on the balcony fence, large piles of firewood for the winter are ready.


The maize plants are also dried after harvesting the corncobs to serve as cattle food.


Loosely placed in large sheaves, the dried corn plants are later stored next to the hay and straw under the partially open roofs.


Natural stone with balancing wooden planks and lintels made of wood, above hand-made clay tiles, characterize the medieval character of the village. Every now and then one encounters even complete mud walls from hand shaped, unburned bricks.


Also, this hay storage is only protected from above from rain and snow, otherwise it is open to all sides.


Roof trusses, balconies and balustrades made of raw, if ever treated wood everywhere, an El Dorado for anyone who is interested in ancient buildings.


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