Leipzig Christmas market canceled: stroll through dark alleys

Leipzig Christmas market canceled: stroll through dark alleys

The partial lockdown imposed on Saxony will ban major events from Monday - including the Christmas market. The dealer and stand operators now have to dismantle shortly before the planned opening. The Leipziger Schaustellerverein is critical.


The tradition of the Leipzig Christmas market goes back to the 15th century. Due to its unique cultural and culinary offer in the middle of the historic old town, with around 300 stalls, it is one of the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.


In view of the worsening corona situation in Saxony, the city of Leipzig wants to do everything it can to avoid uncontrolled crowds of people for hours on the basis of its legal options. Right now, the virus must be deprived of its chance to spread further.


Initially, just the ban on serving alcohol was an appropriate means from the city's point of view in the current situation. At the same time, people should continue to be given the opportunity to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere in the city center. That too is now a thing of the past.


“I appeal to people to keep the dramatic worsening situation in the clinics in mind when visiting the Christmas market and to behave cautiously. In the intensive care units, people are fighting for their lives, ”emphasizes Mayor Burkhard Jung.


“The pre-Christmas season is also the time to get together; we want to give people this opportunity to do this outdoors under controlled and responsible conditions. "


In connection with the Christmas market, there should be the opportunity to be vaccinated. The city of Leipzig will set up the city office on Burgplatz as a new vaccination center, and preparations will begin immediately.


 Mayor Jung makes another appeal to the federal and state legislators to provide the municipalities and all citizens with clear, manageable and reliable legal bases in the worsening infection situation.


"The end of the epidemic emergency of national scope is a wrong and fatal signal," says Jung. But also the state legislature must create clear and coordinated foundations that we need in the coming weeks and months.


The bridging aid is open to traders who expect a loss of income due to the alcohol ban and closing the Christmas market. The city appeals to restaurateurs in the city center not only to refrain from serving outside during Advent.


We can understand the measures that have now been taken just too well, because the numbers, which are increasing every day, speak for themselves. And we really enjoyed the evening stroll through the almost dark alleys.

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