Meeting with campers - the tastes are so different .....

Meeting with campers - the tastes are so different .....

If you do a trip, you can count much ....., in this way or similar is probably the saying that one knows and understands internationally. And how nice it is, when the different cultures meet together, it even does not take much space, just tolerance!



Sometimes it is the accumulation of different cocoa drinks, as you can see in the title picture, that leave question marks in the head, sometimes it is the questions of travelers whose interests could hardly be more different. Here in the picture are Alex and Jordan from Australia, who are asking for directions to Turkey, despite or because of the ongoing discussions.


Then again the encounters are on the way, which often end with the saying: "Is this art or can it be thrown away?", but still a nice photo opportunity on the waterfront in Thessalonica, which led to discussions.

And then the turn of the year: In some places celebrated with a lot of pomp and din (who likes it) and then rather calm and contemplative and still with happy people, because you carry together what is currently available and could fit. Without debate and question!


There are cheeses from France, Greece and Turkey, crisp bread from Sweden, bread from Greece, sparkling wine from where ever (according to the occasion) and filter coffee from Germany and tea from England. Here are guests as Ruth from New Zealand and Spitzbubi (with his roots in Romania).

A special experience was this breakfast for Ruth and Alan (both are from New Zealand), as they have never seen croissants from the can, even sure not eaten before. So the opening of the tin was an experience already.


We are always ready for new experiences, which sometimes lead to really gratifying findings:
Here, the croissant was covered with ham, cheese and bananas, which tasted surprisingly good in the previously unknown variability. Tolerance and acceptance always means getting to know something new.


In the evening it was then in a restaurant on the waterfront of Perea a bit festive, because a dinner together with campers from Romania (unfortunately I could not remember the names, please apologize here) had been arranged.

Even so, you can end a year, only tolerance and openness for new things are needed. All our readers along this journey a happy and healthy new year.


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