Allan Huglstad - research about Greek and Romans

Allan Huglstad

Allan Huglstad is a retired officer from the Royal Danish Defense College. He has been educated in general staff (Denmark), humanitarian law (Italy), logistics (Denmark), intelligence (UK) and pedagogy (Denmark).

Besides his military career he has worked with organization and planning for hospitals and has worked out of Denmark for OSCE and Amnesty International.
He is an author on topics about the Second World War, especially the occupation and liberation of Denmark. As a curiosity he has written the only book in Danish about simulator pedagogy!

He lives in Denmark, but visits Alanya every spring and autumn. In 2004 he found out that there was no pocket guide for the Alanya area and then he started to collect information and visit all the interesting places from Antalya to Anamur. The book about Alanya and surroundings was born, first in Danish and in 2008 translated into German and English.


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