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Namık Kuyumcu

He was born in 15th September 1961 in Konya, Ereğli. He finished primary and high school where he was born. In 1980, he was arrested by the 12th September military court and underwent a trial for the 141-146 articles of the Turkish Criminal Code. He was forced to stay as a prisoner in different prisons in the country. He was banned. He could not continue his higher education.

Both in Turkey and abroad many of his poems, essays and articles were published.
Three of his poetry books with the name of "Talan Bir Ömrün Ortasında" "Belki Bir Şarkı" "Bir Şakayım Dünyada" were published. Neither his firends nor he heeded the awards. With his related poems and books, he won many poetry awards like "Akademi Kitabevi, Homeros, 9 Eylül, Güneş Gazetesi," etc.

Some of his poems were translated to English and French...
He became one of the founders of "Piya and Zed Publishing House" which was established in 1990. He took part in publishing organization of the art and philosophy magazines published under the name of "Utopia and Beaver Dreams" with his dream fellows. He was the Agean region representative of these publications.

By founding "Piya Publication and Public Relation" company, he made several culture-art organizations and press consultancy.
In 1999, his job in which he was one of the culture-art collectives of Izmir metropolitan municipality mayor Ahmet Priştina, lasted for five years. As an editor of Izmir Publication Company he took active part in preparation and publication of around fifty books concerning the history of Izmir.
He worked in "Izmir City Culture" magazine as an editor and a founder. He made different interviews with the country's eminent culture-art people, and published his articles. His related book is being prepared for publication.


He has been living and continuing his studies in Izmir.
He has been the consultant of Salihli municipality.
He is carrying on consultancy of several cultural and social projects.
He has been a writer in Izmir Life magazine for eight years.
He is the first representative and project coordinator of Izmir International Poetry Meetings.
He is the founding member of Mediterranean Poets Association and he was also the chairman of it.
He is the member of BESAM. (Science and Artistic Works Association?? )
He is the member of international institution of writers PEN.
He is the member of Turkey Writers' union.
He is the member of man of letters association.
He is one of the representatives of Izmir Aydın Artist Platform
He is the representative of Turkey Writer's union in Agean-Izmir.

The writer has been keeping up his studies by his poet and consultant aspects. His new poetry book is being prepared for publication. As one of the incorrigible beavers, he is swimming against the currents of culture-art river with his dream fellows by even surprising garbage and draws on his dark run without reward and compensation.


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