The Three Knights – taken from gallery Gernot Rammer

The Three Knights – taken from the gallery Gernot Rammer

Once upon a time there lived three grand and of course very famous knights. The knight Heinz with the long sword, the knight Bert with the long beard and the knight Fritz with the spear at the Spitz.

These three knights fight for a better world as skilled Europeans. I always dreamt of such a Europe, says Gernot Rammer in the introduction.

Thus, the preface to the first page in the book "The Three Knights" begins profoundly with the words: That our former Federal President Heinz Fischer is quite similar to Ritter Heinz, I would not deny. That just turned out that way. Be happy in your retirement, wishes Gernot Rammer at this point.

Currently in Vienna at home, Gernot Rammer is now working as part of his company GentleTent with the development and production of still somewhat unfamiliar, inflatable roof tents, awnings and the already legendary BTurtle camping bike trailer (also equipped with inflatable tent), bringing it to almost All relevant camping fairs throughout Europe, where the products can be found. A change in the direction of the activities, which for it alone is remarkable. But back to the book now.

Two sons forced him to daily story

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_kultur_literatur_die-drei-ritter-2.jpgThe origins and ideas of the book "The Three Knights" are based on the fact that every evening Gernot Rammer should make up a story for his two sons Leander and Vincenz, often bored by the usual children's stories to read aloud, it should be exciting stories from everyday life and surroundings, not without background thoughts. Finally, he dedicated the book to his sons.

Other characters and similarities of the book characters with persons and personalities should have originated purely coincidentally. But of course one is daily influenced by real events and so it is hardly surprising that a variety of very interesting facts flowed into the stories, after all, the story of the knights in the time of BUWOG, HYPO and EUROFIGHTER, for many of us certainly still omnipresent. I would not like to say more, according to Gernot!

"But we Super Knights in Europe always believe we are the center of the earth. We believe we are the best. There are people with extraordinary abilities all over the world. " "That's right," said Miss Wanda. Then the knight Fritz gave her another kiss, stroked his Charlotte's curly hair, thought briefly about his panda bear family and fell asleep happily.

Hannes Eilmssteiner - cartoonist and friend

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_kultur_literatur_die-drei-ritter-1.jpgDespite the background to BUWOG, HYPO and EUROFIGHTER, a truly timeless storybook, which is absolutely worth reading and excellently illustrated. Thus, the thanks of the author in particular go to the cool Hannes Eilmssteiner, who has given the figures a shape. Happy he and his children should always live.

And a children's book in the usual sense? It is certainly not. Thus, the reader always has an at least wide smile during the individual episodes on the face.

Could we spark your interest? There are still some signed copies: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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