First snow and pre-Christmas mood at Naumburg Cathedral

First snow and pre-Christmas mood at Naumburg Cathedral

The symbol of the city of Naumburg and clearly visible from all sides is the late Romanesque-early Gothic cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in the episcopal suburb.

The construction of this three-aisled, two-choir basilica with four towers and a cloister began before 1213, as we have already reported, because Naumburg Cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2018.

Naumburg Christmas market with some special features

naumburg advent 5The beautiful weather with bright sunshine had lured us to Naumburg, also to do some shopping in addition to the walk in the fresh air.

And when you arrive at the market square, you immediately get the questioning look: Is it that time again, because the first stalls of the upcoming Christmas market have already been set up.

After all, the first snow had already fallen.

Last year we visited the small but absolutely cozy Christmas market with such an atmospheric atmosphere to stroll and linger, which offers culinary delicacies and typical winter and Christmas offers from November 25th to December 22nd.

Naumburg Stollen with cherries and cherry

naumburg advent 7For example, did you know that the Stollen was first mentioned in Naumburg?

As early as 1329, Bishop Heinrich granted the Naumburg bakers the so-called guild right. In return, the bakers had to deliver two long white loaves of bread, called "Stollen", to the bishop for Christmas. In the document, which is now in the Naumburg City Archives, the term "Stollen" is mentioned in writing for the first time.

Changed and adapted again and again over the centuries, today's recipe is something very special.

Baked not with raisins, but with cherries, kirsch and spelled flour, the "Naumburger Stollen" is a treat for the palate and enjoys great popularity. The Naumburger Stollen was baked again for the first time in 2012 by the Block confectionery with this new recipe.

Three Wise Men made of solid wood

naumburg advent 12In general, there are some special features to look at in Naumburg, including the larger-than-life Christmas crib made of solid wood, located in the councilor's portal of the town church of St. Wenzel.

On the initiative of the sculptor Stefan A. Hutter, the crib began in 2012 with the figures of the Holy Family. In the years that followed, the Three Kings, the Shepherd, and various other figures and animals were created. With access through the small castle on the market, the visitor opens up a unique perspective.

Saale mulled wine hike on the 2nd Advent

Another special feature takes place on the second weekend in Advent near Naumburg: the Saale mulled wine hike. From the Gasthof Hallescher Anger and the grounds of the SC Naumburg, you can walk to the inns "Zumpegel", "Alter Felsenkeller" and "Neue Welt" to "Schönburg Castle" with the Castle Christmas there. Independent exploration of the “stations” mentioned along the approx. 4 km long route along the Saale is of course possible on December 3rd and 4th, starting at 11.00 a.m.

Naumburg and Roßbacher vineyards

naumburg advent 8Romantic, magical and mysterious, the Naumburg and Roßbacher vineyards form the backdrop for another and special Christmas experience. Inspired by the success of the Saale wine mile, a Christmas market organized by local wineries takes place here every year on the 4th weekend in Advent along the Roßbacher and Naumburg vineyards. In addition to local wines and homemade mulled wine, original local handicrafts are on display and for sale. You will find delicacies and hearty things at each of the participants. Various exhibitions and musical performances expand the spectrum of Christmas offerings.

We look forward to the upcoming events. You do as well?

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