Exotic and Tropical Fruit Growing

Exotic and Tropical Fruit Growing

Coffee Tree, Pawpaw, Passiflora, Goji Berry, Cumquat, Star Fruit, Feijoa, Physalis, Meyer Lemon, Gilabolu, Redcurrant, Strawberry Tree, Rowan-Berry, Cherry Laurel, Isabella Grape...

The trees listed above are just a few sort which Cengiz Şahin is raising. Cengiz Şahin, who realized that fruit growing he began as hobby started to shape his life while teaching schools in different districts of Ordu, realized that there were deficiencies in exotic and tropical fruit growing sector of Turkey and decided to perform critical studies about this field. 

Şahin started his work by founding a small family company with his wife Mrs. Sevil in the midst of 2008 and later had a web site prepared in order to publish information and photos of the plants he grows and thus started the tale of Morbeyazbotanik. As Morbeyazbotanik family, they ordered seeds from different countries of the world and made use of them.

While growing only a few exotic plants at first, upon the requests that came from surroundings, Şahin started growing exotic-tropical plants that can be grown indoors and local plants which are about to be forgotten. They summarize their objective in a paragraph:

“Our objective is to bring in new plant products that have high commercial return to our country which has fertile soil and different climate characteristics; and to obtain hard-to-find plants for people who love nature and green and grow plants as a hobby.”

Cengiz Şahin


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