Kuşadası - Holiday-paradise on Earth

Kuşadası - Paradise on Earth

Kuşadası (Bird Island), is set in a superb gulf on the west coast of Turkey. It is known for its turquoise sparkling water, wide sandy beaches and modern marina. The very beautiful ancient city of Ephesus stood on the site of Kuşadası.

The centre of town is 80 km from Adnan Menderes Airport, in İzmir. 

Because some of the most famous ancient places like Ephesus und Selçuk are very close, about 650 ships a year come to Kuşadası for a short interuption in their voyage. There are daily trips offered to popular, ancient sites. In the centre, you will also find many elegant fish restaurants, particularly on the always-busy Bar Street, and many huge hotels designed for comfort. 

There is a Caravanserai in the city center, which was built by the Ottoman Vizier Öküz Mehmet Paşa. It has now been converted into a hotel reflecting the delicate Ottoman architectural style. The attractive Caravanserai served as a resting place for the sea trade of the region. 

The most famous beach of Kuşadası is “Ladies Beach” (Kadınlar Denizi), always overcrowded in the high season. The area is dominated by many hotels, restaurants and bars, which offer excellent facilities for tourists. 

The famous and popular shopping centre in the Kaleiçi quarter, where there is entertainment during the evenings, should be visited. Many shops have a thriving trade from passengers on the cruise ships that dock for a couple of days, allowing enough time to visit Ephesus and do some shopping. In Kusadasi centre you will also have the chance to go on a boat trip, a day safari or on horse riding trips. 

Kuşadası is mainly governed by the Municipality of Aydın. The city of Aydın is situated 65 km east of Kuşadası and is surrounded by the Samsun Mountains. The city has a rich cultural history. The local museum displays artifacts from the different periods of ancient history. There are many ruins and historical sites around the city which bear witness to its history. Aydın is famous for its high quality figs, mineral springs, spas, its folklore and legends. “Zeybek” is the most well known and traditional folklore dance of the city. The one player of Zeybek is called Efe, the man of courage.

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