Hiking and bathing at the thermal baths of Pozar

Hiking and bathing at the thermal baths of Pozar

The thermal baths of Pozar Loutraki are located to the Northwest of Aridaia in the Pella Prefecture. The hot water springs reaching the foothills of the mountains Kaimakzalan, just a few kilometers from the border Greece - Macedonia away.


We follow the main road from Thessaloniki to Edessa, then quickly behind Pella towards Omar. Shortly before reaching Skidra, we see the road sign Loutra Aridaia (Pozar baths). The thermal springs gush from the mountains at a constant temperature of 37 ° C for thousands of years already creating a stunning landscape, mountain and forest.


The hot springs of Loutraki or Pozar, gushing about 360-390 meters altitude above sea level. The sources are generated by rainwater, which penetrates deep into the ground while heating up. In the course of the rise, the water is enriched with minerals and other metals.


Visitors to the thermal baths come from all areas of Greece, either to enjoy the baths, which have a healing and relaxing effect, or go for a hide into the mountains, or even both.


The canyon of the river extending from the Greek border down through the bath. This is an area of outstanding beauty, so long walks with rich wild and unspoiled vegetation and waterfalls inviting the visitors for hiking.


Paved paths, terraces and roads, as well as natural paths run parallel to the flow of hot water, but you can also follow the second stream with the cold, clear water.


Specially designed wooden bridges help the visitor not only to follow the trails, but also to achieve the many caves in the area.


In the area of Loutraki there are a total of 16 caves. They originated thousands of years ago, when the water level of the sea was in the height of the entrances of the caves. Systematic excavations and explorations of the caves brought to light findings that locals once lived in the caves.


After our hike, we returned to the campsite, which, far from the tourist crowds of people, guarantee rest and relaxation. Please click on coordinates to get to hot springs:

40°58'12.4"N 21°54'56.8"E oder 40.970113, 21.915768 (Link leads you to google map which shows position of camper stop)


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