Legal Construction Rules similar to Europe

Legal Construction Rules similar to Europe

In order to make the Turkish laws as similar as possible to the European ones, the Legal Board of Construction is introducing new ones. Most of the newly introduced regulations are quite similar to the ones we know from Europe, especially from Germany.

A plot of land to be used for construction must be entered in the land register as being used for a future building. This imar, or site plan, decrees exact dates of building, the size of the building as a percentage in relation to the plot, how much land must be given to the government in return for streets and other places, how far away a construction needs to be away from the borders of the plot (5 m away from the street, 3 m away from the neighbouring border), how many floors are allowed to be built, and much more. 

Whenever you are interested in a plot of land, ask the local government for a copy of the area plan (imar) of your chosen plot. This is the only way to prevent trouble later if you make any mistakes when construction starts. Exact plans always prevent mistakes! 

For all these requirements you should ask an architect to help you. He knows about all these details, he should work on your ideas to make a first drawing, he should talk about it with you to find out if everything is suitable and then draw the first plan. Like everywhere else in the world, you need to have permission if you want to build a flat or a house. Please keep this in mind, if somebody tells you it is not necessary. Some additional details are needed to get permission: 

· statistical calculations for the building (Civil Engineer)

· research on earthquake security (Geological Engineer)

· plans for electricity and water supply (Civil Engineer)

· marking of the border, measurement (don't know)

Like everywhere in Europe, there is a system available which shows all the calculated prices for these jobs.

If you bear in mind all these points and you have all the necessary information and paper work, there should be no negative surprises for you later on. If you have it in mind to save money by not using an architect, this is not advisable. He will be the one who works on your ideas in your name, and he can help a lot by getting all the paperwork together and supervising later construction. You will lose more money later on having to correct mistakes than if you had used an architect from the beginning. Some architects offer the kind of service where they will do any research concerning a plot and they then help to solve any minor problems right at the beginning.

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