Alanya Beaches

Alanya Beaches

To the East and to the West of the castle mountain of Alanya you will see the huge beaches up to 5 kilometers wide. Because of its excellent quality of the water all parts of the beaches have got blue flag. 

This symbol for excellent water quality will be given by an international committee after proving the quality of the water being used for bathing and swimming and the connected beach facilities based on quality and security. After the yearly positive check up all beaches full filling these high standards will get the blue flag again for one year. All 15 days an extra check is made on microbiological and physical-chemical substances in the water.

Next to the beaches the color of the water is quite often changing from deep blue to turquoise. When there is no wind you can watch the fish on the bottom of the sea without using any glasses.

To the West of Alanya you will find Damlataş and Cleopatra Beach, to the East there is Keykubat- and Portakal-beach. Just outside of the city borders there are the beaches of Ulas, Konakli, Fuğla, Incekum and Mahmutlar. All together there are 35 kilometres of beaches belonging to Alanya.

Damlataş Beach

The beach of Damlataş starts at the west side of the peninsula at the bottom of the castle mountain next to Damlatas cave. The bottom of the water and the beach is quite sandy, the small bay is called Cleopatra bay. A legend is telling that Cleopatra once visiting Alanya has taken a bath over here. The quality of the water is fantastic because of its clearness and transparency. Well trained swimmers looking for some adventures can do a trip to the phosphor cave, always along the mountain into the sea. If possible you should use diving glasses to watch thousands of fish and the under water beauties. There is no entrance fee to get to the beaches. Other services are offered for just small amounts.

Cleopatra Beach

Next to Damlatas the Cleopatra beach of about two kilometres length follows. There is blue flag as well. The bottom of the sea as well is of fine white sands and wide. The shore is getting really deep quickly, so swimming is brilliant.

This part is the most popular beach of Alanya. During the summer thousands of people, mostly from the big hotels in the back, enjoy their holiday life over here. Next to the beach there are nice facilities for recreation and sports, green spots, restaurants and bars. All along the beach there are possibilities for para-sailing, banana boat and jet ski. All these activities take place outside of the swimming zones. Again there is no entry fee but sun beds and sun umbrellas need to be paid. Nearly all 100 meters there is nice small pubs, where you can order drinks or some fast foods. On brilliant days you can watch the sun down behind the mountain range at Antalya (about 100 kilometers away).

Keykubat Beach

The beach of Keykubat starts at the east of the peninsula next to the harbour and about 3 kilometers long. The bottom is sandy but sometimes rocky. Because of the beautiful green spots all along the beach, it is called Bengonvil-beach.

Next to Cleopatra beach this part is the most popular beach part in Alanya. All sorts of water sports and leisure activities are available over here. As usual there is no entry fee but services are not free of charge. The small pubs along the beach offer sun beds and sun umbrellas for small amounts., they are open to everyone. At some places boat owners offer small trips around the castle.

Portakal Beach

Portakal Beach is situated east of the city center and about one kilometer of length. This beach start right behind where the Dim river is flowing into the sea. In the back ground you can see the meadows of the Taurus mountains. Part wise the beach is stony and rocky, other parts are of fine sands. No entry fee charged. There are some small beach cafes where you can get any service. Mostly all types of water sports are available. Some of the hotels offer classes for wind surfing as well. Next to the spots where Dim river and Oba river flow into the sea, you can enjoy the mixture of salt and sweat water.

Ulaş Beach

The beach at Ulaş ise belonging to a former picnic place quite often used by Turkish families next to the main road leading to Antalya. You can reach the bay by using the stairs going down the picnic area and will find a nice sandy beach. Because of some falling rocks a high wall has been built giving the character of a castle wall to the back ground. Some of the yachts from Alanya come over here for a swimming pause. Lot of tables and chairs spread all over the rocky plot invite the people for barbecue and relaxing. The whole spot is surrounded by bushes and lot of flowers. There is a regular bus line from the city center leading to Ulas beach. You will be charged for a small amount of money if you want to enter Ulas beach because of the picnic facilities. Lot of plots for parking are available.

Incekum Beach

The beach at Incekum is about 25 kilometers away from city center of Alanya. Next to the road there are plenty of parking possibilities. The beaches are sandy like the bottom of the sea. The golden yellow sand is very nice and of really tiny condition so it is not gluing at your body, that´s where the name Incekum comes from. The beach is about 1 kilometer long and is slightly falling into the sea, a very nice place for family with young children who need to learn swimming. No entry fee is charged. Sun beds and sun umbrellas can be rented from the small beach pubs all along. If you have, you can use your own facilities as well. A couple of smaller hotels are close to the beach as well.

Fuğla Beach

The beach of Fugla is placed along the 20 kilometer huge bay to the west of Alanya. Some of the Alanya yachts stop over here for swimming and having lunch. The beach and the surface of the sea is sandy, part wise rocky. Directly at the beach there are some big hotels with nice restaurants offering sea food freshly prepared. Lot of water sport facilities are available as well.

Mahmutlar Beach

About 20 kilometers to the east of Alanya you will reach the fast growing town of Mahmutlar and its beaches. Part wise sandy, part wise rocky but nearly endless. There is a service for sun beds and sun umbrellas available near to the small beach pubs. Lot of untouched parts as well.

Just crossing the road and you will find nice restaurants and lot of facilities for shopping. No entry fee charged. All day long there is a bus service (dolmuş) available going from city center of Alanya to the outskirts of Mahmutlar.

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