Cross Country - Enduro Riding in the Taurus

Enduro Riding in the Taurus

Without any doubts – using an Enduro motorcycle in the Taurus mountains along the Turkish Riviera is a paradise for bikers.

Endless roads of stony surface, one bend following the next with just a few cars on the road will speed up the pulse for all loving to use their Enduro in the nature. 

From Alanya you may follow the asphalt road passing the mountain villages of Elikesik and Yeniköy until you reach Güzelbag. From now you will use natural roads leading down to the Alara river. All along the beautiful river bed you will go down until you reach Yakups restaurant, a typical and simple restaurant in the mountains, not equipped for huge groups of tourists, which does not mean anything to the quality of the food. Beautiful places in a lovely surrounding.

On the way back you may stop at ancient town Colyabrassos, formerly Hellenistic city, which is about 3 kilometres away from the road leading to Güzelbag. At the moment there are no traffic signs placed over there, so you may need to ask for the way.

There are guided tours on Enduro motor cycles which can be split into two different categories of drivers.

Professional training sessions and friends of nature

You can get into groups of professional training sessions which use competition motor cycles mostly brand mark of KTM. Some of the foreign riders use these meetings as a professional training possibility shortly before competition any where in the world will start. Some injuries like breaking bones are fairly not planed but for some of the members are not unexpected as well. The more comfortable and less dangerous activity is back packing by the usage of normal road Enduros. Members in these groups are more expecting fun, some sight seeing like ancient places. Learn people and country side is more important for them then spectacular events in the mountains.

Never you should try to go for extreme tours especially when you are alone. Quickly you can get lost, because there are no road with traffic signs any where in the Taurus mountains. You already can feel loneliness of the mountains after passing the first chain of them. No handy, no helping hand in case of emergency, nothing…… 
Do not think, there will be a Turkish Touring Club at the next corner. As a member of a guided tour you may enjoy the mountains, the nature and you will easily get into contact with the people you meet on the way. So you will learn about Turkish way of life easily as well.


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