Belek - Paradise for golfers

Belek once was a small village next to Antalya until...
As everywhere along beautiful beaches, hotels have been built. But how is it different from other places with similar beaches? The starting point was to introduce a variety of sporting activities during holiday time for visitors.

A lot of special building and equipment has been necessary, like fitness areas, big halls for team games and water sports, or outside sports fields for football, horse riding or tennis.
This special collection of facilities was the reason that Belek quickly became well known all over the world as a holiday centre with lot of sports activities on offer, not forgetting its nearness to Antalya airport.

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Lots of sportsmen, even complete clubs, come to Belek today for special training sessions and to use the different facilities and economical, sport-based accommodation for their training before the new season at home. Quite often you will find the names of well known sportsmen in the guest books or even complete national sports teams. Another reason for coming to Belek is, of course, the wonderful weather.

This is the reason for the quick growth of Belek. More and better hotels were added and, because of huge demand, golf began being played there as well.

Today, Belek is equipped with first-class hotels with large, landscaped pool areas, fitness and wellness areas, 7 golf courses and all the equipment you could think of for a sports activity holiday. If you like surfing, sailing, diving, swimming, horse riding, playing football or tennis, or just lying under the sun relaxing, Belek has become a well known place not only for sportsmen, but for anybody.

The Centre of Tolerance in Belek

There is just one in the world: the new Centre of Tolerance now open in Belek, which for the first time offers a place for prayer under one roof for three different religions.
In this centre you will find a mosque, a synagogue and a Christian church together. Followers of these religions can assemble for prayer here and can also meet for discussion or exchange of views.

The general coordinator of this project stated: "Through this project we are able to show that tourism can unite different religions. Until today there has never been any possibility to bring these different religions together for prayer. To solve this problem and to give a message about tolerance to the people of the world, this project has been developed and put into practice".

To enable this project to be developed, the Tourism Authority of Belek has put about 6 million Euros into the architectural planning and construction.


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