Gulets of Turkey - a paradise for friends of sailing

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Turkey - a paradise for sailing

Turkey is nearly completely surrounded by water. There is the Mediterranean to the south and west, the Aegaen and the Marmara Sea to the west and north, and the Black Sea to the east.

There are about 8.333 kilometres of coastline and the above mentioned seas give lots of options for sailors bays, coves, lagoons and estuaries so they can change their paradise daily.

This paradise for sailing fans is also the home of the so called "Blue Journey". On this relaxing but exciting cruise, you are driven across the water by the wind and you become one with nature.

Throughout history, it has been possible to win the battle against the sea. Even today it is a fantastic experience. Just do it!

You will be able to visit Cleopatra´s own beach, you will see the ever-lasting fire of Olympus and the countless number of ruins from old civilizations.

If you prefer a more sporting lifestyle apart from sailing, there are many more active sports on offer. If you like swimming, diving, water skiing or even fishing, it is all possible in the clear blue waters around Turkey.

Sailing in Turkey also means you will learn a lot about the people and their culture, because you will meet people who are kind and hospitable in the villages and small harbours all along the coast.

Warm winds, mostly coming from the northwest, are a big advantage for sailors during the long summer months.

The view into the mountains, which are nearly 3.000 metres high, always presents a wonderful panorama.

The Gulet - a traditional Turkish handmade ship

After quite a long period of development, the Gulet changed from being a fishing and transportation boat to one with big beams on deck to carry people. Originally these boats were built in the shipyards of Bodrum, Bozborun, Marmaris and Istanbul, fully equipped with engines and a complete range of sailing equipment. The number of passengers who can be accommodated on board varies between 8 and 12, depending on the number of cabins available. Food and drink are always included in the price for the trip. 

Modern Gulets offer a lot of comfort and all the necessities for a relaxing holiday. You don´t need to worry about anything. Being together in such a close environment often creates an atmosphere of friendship and unity. Travel agencies try to arrange for groups of people with similar interests to travel together and they try to create a programme especially for them. 

Due to the size of the boats, there is the chance to find wonderful hidden places, to stop where you want for relaxation or even simply stay a day longer than planned. Lovely small harbours and offshore anchorages offer a more private atmosphere and a more intimate experience than could be possible on a big ship. Life on a Gulet can be compared with being in a good hotel with sea views from all cabins but with a constantly changing background. The extraordinary design of a Gulet gives you the combination of a modern relaxing holiday while travelling on a traditional vessel. This gives the "Blue Journey" its own character.

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