Outdoor Fair - Interview with Award winner GentleTent

Outdoor Fair - Interview with Award winner GentleTent

The second day at the outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen lead to another interesting meeting with the company GentleTent from Vienna, who had just been awarded the Industry Award for their innovative roof tent GT-Roof the evening before.

The GT-Roof had already attracted our attention during the last trade fair in Stuttgart as a particularly lightweight roof tent construction that could be used for almost every type of vehicle, because of only 25 kilograms net weight, the GT-Roof is currently the lightest roof tent in the world. Of course, the GT-Roof uses the air hose technology described several times, which contributes so immensely to the ease (without tent poles) and the associated fast construction time. Last but not least, the tent floor, which also carries a supporting function here at the roof tent, is inflated like a stand-up surfboard in drop stitch construction, yes, the internal structure is even comparable.

We had the opportunity to conduct a brief interview with the CEO of GentleTent, Mr. Gernot Rammer from Vienna, beginning with the obligatory question about the feeling during the Industry Award procession:
Of course, as a start-up company, we are very proud to have been awarded the Industry Award here in Friedrichshafen, the awards show that innovative commitment and determination in the tent industry ultimately pays off. So we have received the price as a reward for the first inflatable roof tent in the world ever, which also used a plate a body of air in drop stitch construction as a base.

What is special about this construction system?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_gtroof-gentletent-1.jpgAfter removing the protective cover of the roof tent, the tent floor, which in the resting phase only takes up about one square meter of roof area, is unfolded and inflated. For this purpose, we can use the supplied 12-volt pump, which is connected to the on-board network of the vehicle. However, the tent floor as well as the constructive air hose can be inflated with a conventional pump, since no particularly high air pressure is required. Then the filling of the supporting construction hose, which then also ensures the erection of the tent. Thus, the roof tent is built up in just 10 minutes, fastened with supplied telescope ladder and aligned to vehicle height, the structure is finished.

Are there any development steps since the first presentation?

Yes sure, we have simplified the mounting system for mounting on the car roof a little more by using rails that allow easy mounting on the roof rail with associated cross members. The only condition is that the vehicle needs a roof rail, which is almost standard today. For the folding after use, we have now mounted elastic cords, which makes the folding much easier.

What other innovative ideas are there from GentleTent?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_gtroof-gentletent-2.jpgFor some users, the floor area of ​​the tent is too hard, so we used different, inflatable sleeping mats. With the new GT-Mattress we now deliver an inflatable, about 7 centimeters thick sleeping mat, which can remain even while driving with the roof tent. The mattress is 65 centimeters wide and 2 meters long, is covered by a air-mash fabric, so that the resulting moisture can migrate to the outside. The front walls of the awning can be stiffened with 2 telescopic poles. We supply these awnings in two construction heights, which are intended for off-road vehicles or normal cars.

So far, a little note: our tents can also swim, since the floor construction is similar to that of the stand-up surfboard. For a night at / on the lake nothing can stop us anymore. Of course, the roof tent can also be used on a meadow on the shore without the car.

Mr. Rammer, we thank you for your willingness to talk and wish you a successful trade fair.

Please follow the link to the video about the roof tent!

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