ARKIVI MARUBI - The photographic ritual

ARKIVI MARUBI - The photographic ritual

The Marubi National Museum of Photography is glad to invite you at the opening of the exhibition "Marubi Archive. The photographic ritual" in La Triennale di Milano.

The curator has made a selection of 170 images from the most important authors of the archive which in a sense reflects, what the photographers used to do in the real life. The ensemble of traces and fragments of life captured in the flow of the everyday life composes a narration through photographs, a journey through places, faces and human relations which shows the rites of passage immortalized by the photographic studio. Photography, intended as a ritual, has allowed us to investigate a community with its multiple stories and desires and give back to the visitors, the freshness of a multiple form and eclectic reality. 

This exhibition is organized by the Marubi Museum on the occasion of the "Nationwide Commemorative Year of Gjergj Kastrioti-Skënderbeu" in La Triennale di Milano, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Albania, in collaboration with Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea and the Embassy of Albania in Italy.

Das fotografische Ritual / The photographic ritual
16.11.2018 - 09.12.2018

Kuratiert von Zef Paci / Curated by Zef Paci 


Ausstellungseröffnung / Exhibition opening
16.11.2018                                  11:30h

Das Gespräch des Kurators / Curator's talk
16.11.2018                                 18:00h 


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