The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Milano Cinisello Balsamo and Marubi National Museum of Photography introduce the exhibition of Armin Linke, one of the most renowned Italian artists in the international scene.

The exhibition project is made of two complementary parts – a visual one and a textual one - which comes as a result of research, deeper understanding and arrangement of the photography archive of Armin Linke – with over 500.000 images – in the light of relation between photography and words. During this process, it was produced a series of new graphic and photography works through the scanning and study of archived negatives, another way of reading the archive.

The installation introduced at the Marubi National Museum of Photography plays with a critical mass of images and recuperates a physical, gestural, emotive dimension of the selection act itself, a practice which can be approached to the sheet music or choreography, a return into a theatrical or performative dimension. In this relationship of interdependence, the information provided by photographs, text files, metadata influences in a dialectical way in the generation of the works of art itself. Here the both role of the artist and role of the spectator are questioned, the one gaining a multiple dimension and the other becoming an active participant in the work of art.

Armin Linke - project “Immagini e testi - Notazioni visive”

The exhibition is accompanied by the text Layers of navigations. Notes on the photographic work of Armin Linke written by Maria Nadotti combines biographical elements with notes and comments about the archive and his photographs.

This exhibition is part of the project “Immagini e testi - Notazioni visive” promoted by the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea together with Armin Linke, with the support of The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity and Urban Regeneration by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under the Italian Council program (2019).

The project has been implemented in various institutions where the archive of the artist activated some specific relations of symbolic and physical nature with the exhibition space and collections. Last September an itinerant seminar was organized in the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz and Max-Planck-Institut echoed the works of the artist in non artistic archives and collected this research into a notebook; the Marubi National Museum of Photography will host the exhibition while Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea will preserve a collection of the artist works and to conclude, Centre de la Photographie Genève will organize a book presentation with images and important critical contributions.

Armin Linke - a short Biography

Armin Linke (b. 1966, Milan) is a photographer and filmmaker combining a range of contemporary images, processing technologies to blur the border between fiction and reality. Linke indagates the formation – so called Gestaltung - of the natural, technological and urban environment in which we are living. Armin Linke´s oeuvre - photographs and films - function as tools to become aware of the different design strategies.

Armin Linke has been a Research Affiliate at the Visual Arts Program Cambridge - MIT, guest professor at the Faculty of Design and Arts at IUAV University in Venice and professor at HfG Karlsruhe. Important exhibitions: Carlo Mollino – Maniera Moderna, Haus der Kunst, Munich (2011); Il corpo dello Stato o The Body of the State, MAXXI, Roma; L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede, Karlsruhe, AAchen, Milano, Ginevra e Blind Sensorium | Il paradosso dell'Antropocene, Matera. In 2012 he participate at the 13th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia with three projects and co-curated Double Bound Economies, exhibition presented in Leipzig, Ginevra, Zurich and Berlin. Actually, he is a professor at SIA university in Urbino.

Collaborators of the graphical and text project: Jan Kiesswetter, Alina Schmuch, Vanessa Vasic-Janekovic, Bardhi Haliti.

With the contribution of Armin Linke studio: Nicholas Boncardo de Leo, Giulia Bruno, Elena Capra, Laura Fiorio, Valentina Galossi, Ferial Nadja Karrasch, Silvia Palmi, Sarah Poppel, Martina Pozzan, Elisa Scaramuzzino, Kati Simon, Cecilia Rabeschi, Giorgia Rubino.


Exhibition will take place from 11.01.2020 - 16.03.2020

Curated by Matteo Balduzzi

Exhibition opening 11.01.2020 18:00h


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