Alaturka Journal Nr: 7/2010 Be Impatient to Discover

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Be Impatient to Discover

Each journey we take sweeps us into another world and enables us to experience the different sides of life. Indeed, that is precisely what keeps us alive. Wherever you are at this moment is the starting point of the journey.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 1/2009 Manavgat is beautiful!

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Manavgat is beautiful

With its ebulliently running river, rumbling waterfall, evergreen uplands, pine scented air, delta, fishers casting their flies into the gleaming waters, ancient cities located in her bordersand the Monday bazaar in the town. 

Alaturka Journal Nr: 3/2009 The Land of Beautiful Horses

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The Land of Beautiful Horses

The most valuable rocks of the world; of course they took some time- roughly 10 million years… First the lavas erupted, and then the ashes covered it up. It was woken up by the rain. Its scarped head would almost touch the sky…

Alaturka Journal Nr: 4/2009 Discovery Never Ends

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Discovery Never Ends

During our visit at some friends in Didim we had the opportunity to see some places next to the touristic spots of Didim. We heard about an old Greek village with old stone houses, we would like to see...

Alaturka Journal Nr: 6/2010 Adventures in Antalya

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Adventures in Antalya

We are smack bang in the middle of summer season and surely enough; we could not go without telling the story of “Blue Cruise” gulet voyages, a legacy that has been left by the Fisherman of Halikarnassos.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 8/2011 Taming of water!

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Taming of water at Roman baths

Involvement of human beings with water goes back to earliest days of history. The article about Roman thermal baths and baths in antiquity, evolution of thermal baths, culture of bathing will indeed fascinate you all.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 9/2011 We are on our way back...

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Our visit in Sanliurfa

It is, as if the blue sky, which reveals itself as if from parts of clouds and green hills is waving to us. The primary reason for our visit in Şanlıurfa, which is also is known as “City of Prophets” and which was in its busy times during our visit, was our desire to see Göbekli Hill, which bears the traces of transition to settled life.

Olympic Winter Games Sochi

Olympic Winter Games Sochi

Now it's almost time, the first athletes have already arrived. A week before the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the Russian hosts opened the Olympic Villages on the Black Sea coast and in the mountains.

Freedom of press remain a major problem

Freedom of press remain a major problem

Probably the most prominent member of the International Association of Book Publishers (IPA), the new chairman of the IPA Freedom to Publish Committee (IFTPC) Ola Wallin, has called on Turkey to finally release the journalists, writers and translators who were arrested after the Anti -Arrested under terror laws, still in custody.

11 years ago: Corruption Scandal - the events!

11 years ago: Corruption Scandal - the events!

The case is about dubious gold deals with Iran in connection with circumventing the oil embargo and bribing ministers in the course of construction projects. Effects to this day, including the consequences of the earthquake are part of it.

10 Years: Abuse of violence by police during Gezi protests

Amnesty: Abuse of violence by police during Gezi protests

"The attempt to crush the Gezi Park protests led to a whole series of human rights violations. In particular, we document completely inappropriate violence against peaceful demonstrators and abuse by the police," said Selmin Caliskan, Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany.

Bursa: President Erdogan more Ottoman-style buildings

Bursa: President Erdogan wants more Ottoman-style buildings

Last but not least, the protest actions around Gezi Park in Istanbul, which, in addition to the protests due to the rigid style of government of the AKP by Prime Minister Erdogan, also had something to do with the planned development of Gezi Park, made it clear that buildings in the Ottoman-Seljuk style were preferably used as part of the city redevelopment style are to be built.

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