From Bourazani - on the way to Farma Sotira in Albania

From Bourazani - on the way to Farma Sotira in Albania

After our stopover in the Pindos mountains with the renewed hike to the upper vantage points in the Vikos gorge, we had first guided our camper to the stop in Bourazani.

The small border crossing just a few kilometers away should be our transition point to Albania. We had already heard that the border crossing is open only in daylight, so we set off after breakfast as guests of George. At this point again the reference to the impressive wildlife park of Bourazani, which you should visit as part of guided feeding tours, so you can manage within your time table. Also Bourazani itself with its impressive "textile washing machine" is worth a visit.

Bourazani border crossing only open during the day

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_albania_pogradec_bergsee-albanien-1.JPGThe border crossing turned out to be really small, so it took a moment for a Greek border official to appear, check our papers and then open the border gate. On the back of the building there were two very nice Albanian border guards, who opened the gate to Albania after checking the passport, the vehicle papers and the green insurance card. On the newly paved SH 64 we went on the serpentine route to the village Leskovik, where we turned to the SH 75.

At first provided with solid asphalt surface, the quality of the road surface changed increasingly. Cobblestone with some big holes, the very narrow roadway was a bit adventurous. But of course that was the same for all road users and everybody was driving carefully accordingly. Scenically reminiscent of Switzerland or Austria, we arrived on the way to our current destination, Camping Farma Sotira, to a small mountain lake, which could arouse our interest. Shortly determined, we rounded the lake thanks to our 4 x 4 equipment, where we made some stopovers. Unfortunately, we could not ask for the name of the lake, so just the indication of the coordinates with link to google maps will follow: Coordinates 40 ° 10'59.0 "N 20 ° 38'45.2" E or 40.183068, 20.645889

Small mountain lake in a fantastic environment

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_albania_pogradec_bergsee-albanien-2.JPGA very idyllic corner of the earth, which certainly invites to hiking, so our opinion, especially as it should not be far until Farma Sotira. A few buildings were to be seen in the area, probably farms comparable to Farma Sotira. So we noticed a paddock, whose users were eyeing us suspiciously, but were not feeling disturbed in their feed intake.
The lake itself showed clear spring water, here the attached pictures in the gallery speak their own language. Fantastic the tranquility so far off the beaten track, but very close to the border with Greece.

The last few kilometers to Farma Sotira, we had yet to overcome another pass, where we met with two herds of goats and a curious donkey on the way. We were looking forward to staying at Farma Sotira.

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