Bicycle Tour Along the Naab Valley

Bicycle Tour Along the Naab Valley

We were at the camping site of Pielenhofen in Germany’s city of Regensburg. The camping site near the Naab River, which is a tributary of the Danube River, is quite a wide and well-kept place. It is certain that the camping site is frequently preferred by the canoe travelers because of its location on the riverside. At the recommendation, we planned a day-trip to the town of Kallmünz by following the Naab Valley bicycle path and our bicycle tour started after the breakfast.

Center of Pielenhofen

After leaving the camping site, we arrived in the center of Pielenhofen. The Naab River and nature look beautiful from the bridge in the center of town.

Pielenhofen Abbey

Situated on the Naab River’s opposite shore in the town of Pielenhofen, the magnificent Pielenhofen Abbey was established as a nunnery in 1240. The reflection of the church structure in baroque style on the still waters of the Naab River was a brilliant composition for us.

The Naab river in Pielenhofen

Like a mirror, the Naab river was reflecting everything on the riverside. This little town, which is close by the city of Regensburg in Bavaria region, adds an extra beauty to the beauty of Naab River and the valley with the same name.

Canoe carved into Tree

On the riverside, few meters further from our location, we saw an old tree that carved in the shape of a canoe. It would be joyous touring with a canoe like this on the Naab River.

Living space for plants and animals

Our tour continued along the Naab Valley bicycle path. A few kilometers later, we had to stop because of the lilac colored flowers that swinging in the light breeze. It was not possible to go on our tour without taking photographs of them. The Naab River and its riverside provide living space for the various plants and animals.

The Naab Valley

Since the river’s flow is not too fast, the tree sticks in the center of the water without drifting and it reminds the cycle of nature. This tree came from nature and after its life ends, it will be lost in nature again. For the protection of nature, the Naab Valley sets a good example for a great number of countries in Europe and Asia.

Enjoying the Naab Valley

Enjoying the privileges that nature offers has to be sitting on a bench at the riverside, watching the flow of water and the ducks that float on the river with pleasure. Along the Naab Valley bicycle path, you will find corners that you can rest and enjoy the landscape.

Naab Valley Bike Route

The Naab Valley bicycle path, where you can find many shades of green, presents a spacious and peaceful atmosphere.

Naab Valley Bicycle Path

In order to pass the valley, the Naab searches a way for thousands of years and finally finds its way by washing the calcareous rocks. These rocks at the slopes of limestone hills that rise on the riverside, contribute to this marvelous view.

Canoe Trip on the Naab River

It has to be a joyous experience to have a trip by canoe and to observe the environment from a different point of view on the Naab River. Along the Naab, we came across the groups, who paddle on the still waters of Naab that flows into the Danube River. Under favor of the Danube River and its tributaries, the city of Regensburg has been a frequently visited destination by the canoe and skiing enthusiasts. Because of this reason, you can reach the companies that rent canoe or ski quite easily.

The castle of Kallmünz

The Naab River is like a mirror in the windless moments and helps us capture an epic image. It is a fact that shadows and colors look wonderful on the glassy water surface. In the background, the castle of Kallmünz comes into view on the hill.

The town of Kallmünz

We reached our target destination, the town of Kallmünz, by cycling almost 17 km on the Naab Valley bicycle path. The town of Kallmünz will be here as another blog post. The Naab Valley offers various opportunities to appraise your day actively.

Camping near Naab

After spending a lively day in the town of Kallmünz, we continued to cycling and returned to the camping site that we stopped over with our caravan.


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