Adventure on the Zip Line high above the river Cetina

Adventure on the Zip Line high above the river Cetina

As part of the really attractive offers in and around the campsite Kamp Galep we got the opportunity to participate in an adventurous ride along the sliding tracks (zip lines), which are installed slightly above Omis mountain range above the river Cetina.


In supplier's vehicle we went first along the Cetina, then up the mountains to a training ground, where both belts and the helmets were distributed. For the delight of usage of action cameras it is important to say, that there are helmets with attached holders available for the cameras that most probably are used.


Safety is a top priority, so the hanging straps are secured more than double, in addition, there are at all stations, further more fall arrest. So the rise to the first station can be started.


Already from the Adventure Park in Manavgat we had experience of a zip line of 300 meters length, here, above the Cetina River, the first line to know, was equal to 700 meters, which must be suspended in the seat belts.


One last time, the facilities and signs have been rehearsed for braking, which, as we should notice little later, are of utmost importance, because the driving speed may vary depending on weight and seating position of participants up to 80 kilometers per hour, which must then be braked.


Here applies a clear regulation, which is to convey just by body language: manual rotary motion over his head - slow down, the faster the movement, the stronger the braking. At least equally important - Release brakes.


Here the movement of the hand is displayed at the level of the abdomen.


Once made more familiar with these basic rules, it comes finally to the first track.


Note: If someone does not realize the braking maneuver, there are other safeguards in place to intercept the participants.


Now go! In driving fast it went along the rope, and what a great view. Even 700 meters cableway go much too quickly, no question.


Enjoy the pictures!








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