Morning walk through Kato Gazea on Pilion

Morning walk through Kato Gazea on Pilion

Despite the clearly visible clouds in the background, which led to the first powerful showers above the sea, the sky above Campsite Sikia and the village of Kato Gazea were hardly affected.


We wanted to use the early morning hours to take a small walk into the place, which at this time seemed almost uninhabited.


Along the beach of the campsite, our path leads to the narrow waterfront, lined with small cafes and restaurants ... a typical fishing village, open to tourism.


Still all the tavernas were empty - too early for visitors and guests.


Invitingly they all looked good; With their many colorful flowering potted plants and the partial interesting details in the room design and on the walls.


 The street edge was also colorful and inviting.


Every now and then a quiet spot, surrounded by plants, even a palm stump serves to be planted with flowers.


Also the variety in the color splendor was impressively variable - bright colors everywhere.


Only at the harbor there were some fishermen, who were busy at nets and boats, here at the end of the village, the building almost reaches to the here gravel beaches.


Another set of flowers surrounds this tree.


Rarely had we ever seen a place that looked so much decorative due to its plants, even freshly planted trees were surrounded by flowers.


Ok, the barrel had already seen better days, but the reference together with the sign board is clear - this tavern would like to invite more guests to have a beer.


She looked at us very skeptically, the house cat in the function of the guardian of this tavern. So early guests, no, unfortunately still closed.


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