e-mobility - innovations at the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf

e-mobility - innovations at the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf

The e-mobility will go faster than the well-known car manufacturers expect it, so the German "pope of cars"  Ferdinand Dudenhöfer on the TV on 2.08.2017!

This is the beginning of Dethleff´s announcement at the stand of their studies of a mobile home that shines bluish because of the many photovoltaic panels.


And the exhibitor Dethleff´s even strengthens this statement when claiming: "The e-mobility will also become reality in the mobile homes branch, much more then we can imagine it today."


Of course, the large number of photovoltaic modules is spread over the entire surface of the motor home, initially, because of the color, people are still in need of getting used to it, cause it is far from the unified color of the vehicles on the exhibition grounds.


Thus the well-known manufacturer rightly predicts that it is fundamentally important to deal with the topic of electrical energy as a producer of mobile homes already today. The conversion to a fully-designed vehicle concept results in completely new opportunities, but also new challenges. On the displayed vehicle are solar panels installed, which can at least produce 3,000 watts of power.


Solutions for self-sufficient and efficient electricity production, new systems for heating, cooling, cooking and hot water preparation have to be developed. At the same time, there are new techniques to develop, which will substantially change the comfort, the quality of life as well as the safety of the future of the coming mobile homes generation. These topics are devoted to the Dethleff´s e-home theme study.


The planned vehicle will be developed with the expected rapid technical advances, interested users of mobile homes are invited to actively accompany this development.

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