Are you still cycling? Or did you start with turtle'n already?

Are you still cycling? Or did you start with turtle'n already?

It was initially the slogan that came to our attention of the company GentleTent "Do you still cycle? Or did you start with turtle'n already?".

What can be hidden behind it? Of course, we had discovered the innovative, inflatable tents with the bulging air chambers as an alternative to the tent rods, a connection to the slogan still remained unclear at first.


Almost crowded by interested visitors of the Caravan-Salon Duesseldorf, it was then only a short time later that it was clear what was offered for the first time to the interested specialized audience: a bicycle trailer drawn by a battery operated bicycle, which serves as a base for an inflatable tent.


Immediately the interest was aroused, too often we got into trouble during an extended bike tour on the road due to missing accommodation for the night, a thunderstorm without a roof covering our head. How strong was the desire for a dwelling.


And then this in front of our eyes: a compact bike trailer, which was the basement for a tent with inflatable, very stable ground and completely without typical rods for a tent. What a possibility to make tours in the future, without the restriction of  booking accommodation and then being in time to reach it. Real freedom in planning the tour.


B Turtle, so the name of the concept tent-bike trailer, immediately caused first visions in the head, especially as the designed, better inflated tent, left an extremely comfortable and solid impression.


Large enough for two people, even raised above the ground to sleep, we liked this performance immediately.


Of course, the contact with the designer and "inventor" of the B Turtle concept followed immediately, later we will discuss in detail.


The innovative idea of the B Turtle comes from Vienna from GentleTent, CEO Gernot Rammer explained in some first words:
With the B TURTLE GentleTent presents a world novelty that could change your travel habits. The B TURTLE is a revolutionary wheel trailer. The first micro caravan for bicycles and e-bikes. To be on the road with the bike and to have your own caravan always with you. This is pure, natural and independent travel pleasure.


The B TURTLE offers plenty of storage space and can quickly be turned into a residential trailer. Blown up it offers a sleeping space for two people and protects against wind and weather. But the B TURTLE can do much more: it helps you to transport goods. It accompanies you with your family when shopping or recreation.

A truly innovative idea that will surely find their lovers. We'll keep in touch!

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