CMT Stuttgart - Everything the golfer's heart desires

CMT Stuttgart - Everything the golfer's heart desires

Thousands of golfers start the long-awaited season every year on the fair for golf & wellness trips of CMT Stuttgart. Here they get the latest product news, book golf trips, learn about new destinations, use training and testing facilities, workshops, demonstrations, press talks and insider tips.


In general, the Scots are regarded as the inventors of the golf, but there are also a number of other theories that originated in continental Europe. In the Cathedral of Gloucester there is a glass window from 1340, which is to show a golfer. But even in ancient Egypt, in ancient Rome (paganica) and in early Japan, Korea (tagu, from 1400) and China (chuiwan, from about 1000), there is evidence of a game with ball and rackets.


A special feature in the Golf is the very large and largely natural left game field, so that the rules must cover a variety of conceivable situations. For this reason, the 34 rules in their details are more extensive than most other sports, and even seasoned players are occasionally unsure which rule to apply in a particular case.


According to the golf rules up to 14 clubs can be taken by the player on one round of golf. The clubs are distinguished by the length of the shaft (in golf measured in inches), loft, design and material.


Basically, the trajectory of the ball is controlled by the loft and the shaft length: the more loft, the higher and shorter the trajectory; the longer the bat, the faster it can be accelerated and the further the ball will fly.


A trolley is used to conveniently carry a golf bag containing the golf club set and other utensils (balls, rainwear, drinks, food, etc.) useful during the game of golf across the course.


As a rule, a golf trolley also has an umbrella and a score card holder.


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