CMT Fair Stuttgart exposing outdoor - exhibition difference!

CMT Fair Stuttgart exposing outdoor - exhibition with a difference!

Challenges are appealing - this is how the inclined visitor to CMT Stuttgart may initially think when he looks at the outdoor exhibitions of some tent manufacturers, who present themselves in the outdoor area despite the weather conditions with snow and rain.


Even blame or even a challenge to the products and their suppliers, especially as the year-round camping is becoming increasingly established. Of course, it is mostly motorhomes and caravans that you meet in the cold season, but every now and then there are the "real" camper on the way, even in misery weather.... And be it in the heated roof tent.


So a legitimate demand on the tent products to show themselves from their best side, this time not in the heated hall, which is not the norm in practice.


We accompanied the exhibition team of GentleTent Vienna, where at first the floor space had to be "found", there was so much snow on the outdoor area: the snow shovels did their best.


Not only the clearing of the exhibition area could then be done in result, also a variety of other "little things" in the outdoor area were well prepared.


Thus, the new camping bus was provided with a heater that distributed their comforting warmth into the awning, of course, inflatable. An additional gas heating ensures even warmth in the tent.


A still worried gas stove is to provide warming punch during the fair for the visitors who dare to go outside despite the cold. If the snow stays and does not turn into rain, all is well.


Even a large fire bowl and firewood is available, provided the weather stays chilly cold rather than wet and cold.


The next few days will show whether the additional effort and the expected cold feet of the employees will prove to be successful - only the courage to respond to the challenge - our respect!


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