Berlin Travel Festival - Music and lectures determine the day

Berlin Travel Festival - Music and lectures determine the day

Another day of the Berlin Travel Festival is coming to an end, which was again peppered with lectures on a wide range of travel topics. Was it once a travel talk to the wines from Georgia ....


Was it then the very interesting travel report along the music scene in Sri Lanka, peppered with all sorts of anecdotes to the experience, which was almost matching with the music at another stand.


Almost a room that can be lived in, so at least this stand of a hotel series that not only offers its rooms via the Internet and the exhibition stand, but also offers personal attention with coffee or cold drinks. Marketing can look quite different.


Then again it was very sporty .....


Even if it does not work equally well for all participants.


Here it was ecological body care products for the various travel activities. Samples in reusable bottles for refilling.


But the offers for the kids were very thoughtful and were very busy, an interesting family outing for all rather than gloomy travel fair with similar presentations.


And finally, live music on one of the lecture theaters.


Relaxing after at times hectic bustle - for visitors and exhibitors.


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