The Berlin Travel Festival - Travel Different

The Berlin Travel Festival - Travel Different

Even the first tour shows the concept deviating from conventional trade fairs more than clearly. For example, environmental protection and sustainability play at least as important a role as "fair travel" in order to use a familiar term.


Concepts of a single-caravan, which uses independently occurring solar and wind energy for self-sufficiency as well as in the Nature integrated living concepts and also trend options that extend the cycling to the component overnight: the BTurtle with the new travel profile BTVoyage.


They meet for informal discussions around the coarse wooden table, simple to match the slogan of the Travel Festival: Travel Different.


Here it is the replica of a yurt tent, to invite to meditation and yoga, the implementation in the practice takes place right on site at the specially designed "sandy beach".


Tents and constructions of all kinds, which are supposed to animate the visitor to try it in the nature and environment with relaxation, peace and balance.


And of course, the tasting also plays a big role, the presented, often exotic dishes let the palate anticipation immediately sound in the highest tones - from traditional to vegan.


Simple: there is something for every taste - without the stress and hectic arrives. So the visitors are relaxed, even when the children sweep excitedly through the halls.


Everywhere there is something new to discover and be it a cocktail drink.


Or image impressions that share the theme of travel and travel impressions, lectures that are quite critical content and thus pick up on the world's existing problems, be it the dirt caused by mass tourism or female genital mutilation in Africa.


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