Bunny school and Easter fire in Burgenland

Bunny school and Easter fire in Burgenland

As quickly as it came, it's over again, the Easter festival of 2024. And like almost everywhere, there are plenty of decorated Easter fountains, one or the other bunny schools and of course hearty Easter fires.

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But many private properties also show their home-made Easter greetings to their fellow residents. In short, a big sign of the beginning of spring.

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Especially here in the “border area” between Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia with the nearby Ore Mountains, there are of course a large number of different carved bunny schools, which are mostly handmade and, similar to Christmas nativity scenes, are available in many variations.

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We discovered a small rabbit school nearby that we particularly liked so much. Miss “Bunny” is supposed to teach her students about local birds and has given the students some tasks that they now have to solve.

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One of the bunny children was probably not attentive at all, preferred to play on the games console and now has to serve detention, which he doesn't like at all!

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Teacher “Bunny” sits next to a display board of the local garden birds so that she can get a better view of her band of young Easter bunnies and explains about the birds on the display board.

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This school of bunnies is a wonderful decoration idea for the Easter days and is much admired in the town but also by people driving past like us, so a stopover is made.

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The handmade figures made of hay, which were created by local residents, are attractive and ideal for the outdoor village square and are sometimes more than life-sized.

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You can literally see the joy and fun of the “makers” who not only shaped and stabilized the figures accordingly, no, they also dressed them accordingly.

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If the surrounding area is also colourfully decorated, a joyful Easter celebration with Easter fires will be possible.

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Easter often turns into a small village festival and the residents gather for the first spring festival with hearty Thuringian bratwurst and drinks. Fun for everyone, even if there is a large playground nearby.

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