Language Classes at Turkish Schools

Sprachschulen in der Türkei

The traveller to Turkey will meet a colourful mixture of different languages at most public places like bazaars and markets when discussing and haggle over the goods on offer.

How much helpful it could be to break down the language barrier to find a more comfortable way to talk to each other.

In most of the Turkish holiday resorts this is a daily problem even though many of the people working in the tourism sector are willing and able to speak one or even two foreign languages. Quite often you will meet very helpful people who are able to answer most of your questions fluently, whether it is in English, German, Russian, Swedish or Danish.

However, for the growing group of Turkish ‘New Settlers’ this is not a good solution in the long term view. Sooner or later most of the foreigners living here in Turkey try to start learning the Turkish language. There are some privately organised schools offering different classes based on different native languages, which are not too expensive and are quite helpful when you go back to the market or bazaar.

If anybody plans to take Turkish citizenship later, there is no doubt he or she will need to speak Turkish. It is obvious for most people that knowing and speaking different languages is always quite helpful and around 200 million people world-wide are able to speak Turkish.

So, please don’t worry about it. Go and learn Turkish!


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