Crime novels "Russian Girl" and "Phasmida" - Karin Holz

Crime novels

Karin Holz was born in Regensburg and has deep roots in the old cathedral city. At school I was already a permanent member of the theater and singing group at the age of 10.

karin holz 03Two years later I wrote a first little three-act play, which was performed at the autumn festival.

Later I performed dialect at events, birthday and Christmas parties.

Finally, I dared to take the step to something bigger and in 2004 I published my first crime novel "Russian Girl", which tells the story of child prostitution in the Czech Republic.

The detective novel “Phasmida”, dialect stories, poems on Zen meditation, stories, anthologies, audio books and texts for the Buddhist magazine Intersein followed

In the spring of 2015 my short thriller "The Last Stitch" from the Regensburg Requiem will be published by Dover Publications, Inc. Mineola NY. The title "German Stories of Crime and Evil from the 18th Century to the Present", translated by Dr. M.Charlotte Wolf.

Three years ago I founded with Dr. Marita Panzer the Regensburger Literaturbrettl. Every 4th Wednesday of the month, an author from Bavaria is a guest on our reading stage.

I love Bavaria, the Bavarian Forest, nature and the people.

karin holz 04In the Bavarian Forest I find the leisure, peace and quiet that I need, since one of my basic characteristics is the temporary separation from everyday life.

I live according to the principle of mindfulness without mainstream and consumerism. Every now and then I break out of everyday life and spend my time in the monastery. My elixir of life is the daily mindfulness meditation according to Thich Nhat Hanh

I am a member of the East Bavarian Writers' Association and the Association for the Promotion of the Bavarian Language.

There is more about me on my homepage

Russian girl

karin holz 02Robert Henning was an independent and very successful real estate agent in Regensburg in the mid-1980s and was known far beyond the borders of his region. Henning has made a name for himself in the industry - he is someone. Computers and fast cars are his only hobby. He has Internet access set up in his office and surfs on illegal sites. He is particularly interested in little girls. The same image always appears in his fantasies. A girl with long, blond hair who closely resembles her mother when she was young. He caresses her tenderly at first, until his tenderness turns to brutality and he mistreats the girl. These pictures excite Henning so much that he watches videos from the SM scene in his office every night. Movies about men who have power over little girls, who abuse and mistreat them. It's the only secret he keeps from his mother. Henning now drives a Porsche Boxster, lives luxuriously, is generous and maintains loose and superficial relationships with women. Again and again he visits a bar near his office. Young girls hang out there according to his taste. At the beginning of the 1990s, when the borders to Eastern Europe were opened, he made trips to the Czech Republic. Here little girls between the ages of 11 and 15 are forced into child prostitution. The ideal connection for Henning. He regularly visits various establishments...

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