A meeting with Ottilie PfefferMinze - Actually!

A meeting with Ottilie PfefferMinze - Actually!

Open and curious, the eye wanders from the cover of the book to the original and a certain similarity to the original can hardly be denied: Ottilie PfefferMinze, real name Anne Schwede.

At the book fair in Leipzig, the author and illustrator Anne Schwede truly slipped into the fictional character Ottilie, her school clown and/or contact clown character, because in real life, as Ottilie PfefferMinze, she not only visits school classes and hospitals to spread humor and joy. Anne Schwede now summarizes her numerous experiences in the various children's groups in her first children's book.

What is your project about? Anne Schwede says:

ottilie 02Have you ever been visited by a clown in the hospital? Or maybe a clown sat next to you at school during class? If you say “no” at this point, then you know why I started this project!

My name is Anne Schwede, I am the writer & illustrator of this book. I have been working as a contact clown for many years. I have collected my experiences and have now written some of them down.

I can tell you about shining eyes and shared tears. About wonderful encounters that took place on a heartfelt level and of course also about funny, crazy actions. Now you will find the first stories in this reading book for children. It is the first of three planned books.

ottilie 03In this book you can read about me, I am the clown “Ottilie PfefferMinze Actually”. And you can read about how I ended up going to school again in my old age. From people big and small who were hesitant at the beginning and who laughed beaming with joy after my or our visit to school or the hospital. Everyday worries were forgotten, the pain and sorrow were gone.

All stories are authentic, even my clown friends are real and work with me in Paderborn. In the places where a shared laugh can move mountains.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

ottilie 05Through this children's book project I want to:

  • would like to bring the children's book "Ottilie PfefferMinze Actually - a clown at school" to life in order to make the use of clowns in schools and nursing homes better known and more popular.
  • Provide children with a clown friend.
  • Win friends & encourage them to join in

There can be more clowns in this world who are active in these areas! Because every person should be given a smile once in their life and thus experience a moment that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

In short, self-contained stories that nevertheless build on each other and beautifully designed drawings, Anne Schwede tells of the encounters between the school clown and students. Sometimes there is loud rage, sometimes the gentle sounds of empathy can be heard. The lovingly and detailed illustrations bring the precious moments to life. The book is clownishly colorful without becoming chaotic.

In the preface to the book the following sentences:

ottilie 08Dear readers, dear friends of the red clown nose, for years it has been very important to me personally to promote the nature and use of contact clowns and make them better known.

Everything you read in this children's book are stories that I get to experience every day as a school clown. They are real experiences, only the names have been changed.

My wish is that this book reaches children and adults to the same extent. We should all be able to hope that the “school experience” is a wonderful time in which we might also meet a school clown.

With warm and cheerful greetings

Anne Swede

After Ottilie is gradually introduced to the groups, she receives peer support, so that a breath of fresh air soon blows in the classroom corridors. Because school life is much more fun with friends.

Because this is also a concern of the author. As a practicing clinic and school clown, she herself trains contact clowns by founding her humor college. She would like to draw attention to the positive effects of professional clowning. The book makes it clear again and again how these types of clowns work and what change they can bring about.

ottilie 09Some stories make you laugh, others touch your heart and leave you thinking. Because they are taken from real school life and are worded credibly, they appear absolutely authentic. Ottilie remains actually and excitedly active until the last page. The rules of the contact clown game also become clear.

I like the simple language in presence, which does justice to the nature of the clown and the children and which also remains exciting for adults.

I am thrilled with the touching children's book, which I have leafed through several times. As a clown in training, I am fascinated by the interpersonal encounters that are described here with empathy, humor and lightness. Looking over the shoulder of a real clown soul is a gift. I admired the drawings for just as long as the stories. The love for clowns and people is unmistakable here. The entire book is consistent in design, structure and implementation. Students, parents, educators and those interested in KontaktClown will get their money's worth here. If you would like to find out more, you can do so on the last few pages.

I unreservedly recommend the book to all curious people who would like to smile, learn new things and be touched.

03/19/2024 Lars Siggelkow

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