Atiye Deniz Yılmaz - songs for Kucuk Sirlar

Atiye Deniz Yılmaz

As a Daughter of a Turkish father and a Dutch mother, Deniz was born in the city of Bremen, Germany on the 22nd of November, 1988. She went through the first half of her elementary education in Bremen and the second half in Izmir, Turkey.

Later on, she would complete her secondary studies in four different nations, spending a year in each of the following nations: The USA, The Netherlands, France and finally back in Bremen.

The musical culture inherited from her family, along with the tom-tom tunes rising from her father's fingers helped her develop a sense of musical rhythm along the way. At the age of six, she started to receive piano lessons and she continued her musical works with a Bulgarian pianist during those years. Atiye temps to create most of the music, lyrics and tunes of her songs. After some help from Turkish music professionals, Atiye's first release was ready in the song called, "Don't Think (Sanma)". The song gained some success and managed to become a popular tune on certain radios in Turkey. It's simplicity in sound which tries to combine R&B rhythms along with a little bit of rap, which was all sung in English and Turkish may have made it a different sound. The video also featured the dance techniques she had learnt during her time in studying music. All of this spelled the reasons behind her notification in the Turkish music industry.


She was nominated for a Turkish music channel's music awards, which is the KRAL Video music awards. Atyie was nominated in the category of, "Best debuting Female in 2006" in the Turkish music industry. She was competing against Betül Demir, Eylem, İrem and Nesilhan. When the results were presented this past May, Atyie won by the votes of the public viewers of Kral TV.

"Beyaz Eşya" would be the 4th video clip Atiye would release, which managed to combine hints of R&B rhythms with those of Ethnic folk sounds. The song's appeal on the radio stations across Turkey was mild but nevertheless, noticeable to those who had been keeping tracks of the popular songs being present at the charts. With all this success in mind, Atyie progress to blend all sorts of genres together, along with singing in a variety of languages helped her to earn her some support from new fans she has made.

The second album by Atiye was self-titled and released under SONY Music label. It spawned a number of hits for the artist. The lead single "Muamma" and the second single "Salla" became huge hits in Turkey. They peaked at respectively number 5 and 3 at the official Turkish chart. A collage of live show footage was made for the third video "Deli Ya". The fourth single was a duet with popular Turkish Rock singer Teoman and was named "Kal". The song peaked at number 7 at the charts and was used in various soundtracks. Atiye was nominated for Best Turkish Act at the 2009 Europe Music Awards

Atiye Deniz's songs now feature in a Turkish Series called " Kucuk Sirlar".


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