"Mehr Brauchts Ned" - Band from Regensburg


I first met Chris, the bass player, last year during the German-Turkish Friendship Festival in Izmir, where Chris was a guest musician with the group Backdoor Connection.

After the concert, in addition to the live broadcast of King Soccer, there was sufficient time and opportunity for initial discussions. Further meetings in the course of the last year made it clear that there are also culturally common approaches to thinking and creating, which will be implemented for the first time this year: in October we will jointly organize a German-Turkish Literature Festival in Regensburg. But more on that later.

Of course it was interesting to get to know the ideas and approaches of this Regensburg band a little better, if only because of the naming. So, if you don't ask, you remain stupid:

Why "You don't need more"?

The longer you make music, the more you realize that less is often “more” in music. In an instrumental trio you get to the essence of rock music. Drums, bass, guitar, period. Merely supplemented by the singer. The effort for bands is always increasing, that's why we try to get the best out of the music with the least possible effort. If the spectrum ranges from Cream to Rio Reiser, boredom can hardly arise, for variety so it's taken care of.

Who are the four?  First to mention is Werner Norgauer on guitar, who also explores the limits when singing, Walter Herter on drums, who really feels challenged here, Chris Röhrl on bass, who spreads rhythm and harmony into the band, and Nik Haschke, who sings -

"You don't need more".

How to download M.B.N. description?

First of all, just the instruments and our own abilities limit us. We do orientate ourselves towards bands that have performed as a trio. But we don't let ourselves be deterred by more complex music and try to implement what is essential for us in each case. Of course you will find blues elements, blues rock to rock'n'roll. But also very quiet and soulful ballads, also with German lyrics.

Musical showpieces, funny interludes provide entertainment and loosen up the whole thing.

Where can you hear the band?

From the summer of 2014, the band will appear on several occasions: Be it the Marathon in Regensburg, Grenzenlos Festival in Augsburg, Gassenfest in Regensburg or the German-Turkish Festival in October in Regensburg and will then take place in several German and European cities. The band is ideal for smaller pubs and private parties where good rock music is in demand and space is tight.

The spectrum ranges from Dire Straits, Allman Brothers, Govt`s Mule, Robben Ford, Mark Knopfler, Hendrix, Taste, Rory Galagher, Steve Ray Vaughan, BB and Moore, Cream, Clapton to Rio Reiser.

Contact: Chris Röhrl Machthildstr. 76 93053 Regensburg

0941 700372, mobile: 0170 83 250 26

Need more Ned

Nik Haschke voc. perc.

Walter Herter drums.

Werner Norgauer git.voc.

Chris Rohrl bass.

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