Now it's off to the Grenzlos Festival in Augsburg

Now it's off to the Grenzlos Festival in Augsburg

For some time there have been connections in terms of cultural cooperation between KUKI Augsburg and Alaturka, so it was obvious that we also received an invitation to the Grenzlos Festival, which has been taking place for years and is probably the most important art and culture spectacle in Swabia.

Between June 5th and 16th, the grounds at the Gaswerk in Augsburg will again be filled with a colorful hustle and bustle of over 250 live acts on 4 stages and in three halls with a large international market.

The Augsburg band "Grisworld"

grenzenlos 1In addition to the music, there are a variety of performances and events, ranging from an Austrian fire show (Fenfire) to abseiling from the 80 meter high gas works.

We reached Augsburg early on Saturday afternoon, so that we could first take care of our accreditation.

Everything was very well prepared so that we could get to the festival site quickly.

After a first orientation tour, which led us along many sales stands from cabaret to the obligatory, folkloric clothing shops, a certain feeling of hunger set in, which we soothed with Moroccan vegetable couscous.

After this refreshment, the Augsburg band "Grisworld" enticed, which had their performance on the stage of the KUKI at 5 p.m.

grenzenlos 2With their stage equipment, which consisted of the basic instruments drums, bass, piano and two guitars, Grisworld offered a convincing 45-minute program of experimental songs, which in part due to the singer's voice and instrumentation reminded one a little of the "Waterboys".

Partly unusual but very catchy melodies, which conveyed an unmistakable sound with melodica and Moog synthesizer, which became even more attractive with the additional use of a saxophone.

Grisworld, who are always good for a bit of chaos on stage, convinced with a really successful live act.

Students from the University of Art Linz visiting the Kulturpark

grenzenlos 5After the end of this performance, our path first led to "Art without Limits" in the Apparatehaus, where students from the Linz Art University are guests at the Kulturpark, then on to the Grafitti Battle, where quite professional graffiti sprayers presented their art on wall surfaces.

It is something special when you experience how a small work of art is created from just a few strokes with the spray bottle. This procedure, which many only refer to as "smearing", is also a form of expression that contains far more than just a note of protest. Graffiti can also be art.

“Nily Nils” from Hanover now performed on the acoustic stage. His talent for improvisation is proverbial and he has a keen sense for comical situations. These factors are the basis of a tricky juggling show with ever-increasing excitement and difficulty. Juggling with balls, skittles and many other accessories that are traded perfectly.

"Kiss meets Metallica"

grenzenlos 3We went on to the big stage, the arena, right next to the gas works, which today had the motto "Kiss meets Metallica". Between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. the stage was occupied by various bands such as SAD, then Augsburg's most renowned hard'n'heavy band "Skip Rock" and a few other bands.

The highlight of the evening must be the Kiss cover band "Kiss on Fire", which then convinced the fans present with old Kiss songs, a lot of fire and a great stage show rounded off this picture. It's amazing how you can make such great music on shoes with these heels and the legendary Kiss stage clothes. The numerous fans then also emphatically demanded some encores, which ended with the smashing of the lead guitar, just like in the original. The result was a revival of many memories of the legendary band.

grenzenlos 6Now the Reiniger Haus lured with the "Rap im Ring" event, where young rappers could compete with like-minded people. The aim here was to rap the terms given by the moderator, while outperforming your opponent in terms of choice of words and coherence. The audience could then decide whether to remain in the competition by means of acoustically measured and assessable applause. In cases of doubt, an evaluation committee could be consulted. Here, too, countless participants and enthusiastic spectators.

Our first day at the Grenzenlos Festival was coming to an end, we were able to gain many new impressions, enjoy the really relaxed atmosphere and experience great music. A colourful festival of cultures, because both the audience and the artists came from a wide variety of cultures, which also applies to the epicurean offerings. We are already looking forward to today's Grenzenlos Festival.

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