Save - Danube estuary - walk along the waterfront

Save - Danube estuary - walk along the waterfront

The tour along the Belgrade Fortress with its scattered buildings had taken us down to the banks of the Sava River, which flows into the Danube a little further downstream. We were getting hungry so our goal was to reach one of the many floating restaurants.


A few jetties with private motor boats along the paving and now and then the floating restaurants and even a floating leisure center suggest the heavy use of the rivers as a recreation room.


Why not, when it gets too crowded in the city, there are no areas to build, or they are simply too expensive, plus the fresh air and the view of nature.


An even two-storey sports and leisure center on the water, we however had so far not seen.


Countless waterfowl on the Sava, which in the picture is easily recognizable, flows here into the Danube.


Now again a group of smaller floating restaurants, our stopover was reached.


The agony of choice for one of the restaurants should let us take the choice for one of the offered dishes easily after a short insight into the menu, what then just because of the lakeside terrace and the selected menu should turn out to be very correct.


Clear skies and warm sunshine let us forget the autumnal season, so we stayed on the terrace longer than originally planned.


The waterfront was clearly much busier, the further we approached the development of the Danube bank with large blocks of flats, so we came here also on a section of the Danube cycle path along the waterfront promenade.


A few kilometers further on in the direction of the Camping Center Belgrade, the old industrial port of the city blocked our way, so that we had to continue our way on the busy streets of the city center.

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