Lucky Troubles – Blues during Caravaning Festival Warsaw

Lucky Troubles – Blues during Caravaning Festival Warsaw

The band Lucky Troubles from Poznań was founded in 2022. Founding fathers were three experienced musicians who appear almost daily on the music scene in Poznań and Bydgoszcz.

We were lucky enough to hear this band at the Camper Festival in Warsaw, to experience it live and also to talk to drummer Andrzej Kownacki, who by the way speaks good German.

Musical orientation of the band Lucky Troubles

lucky troubles 1The band performs in the form of an acoustic trio and uses instruments such as acoustic guitars, dobro guitars, banjos and various percussion instruments. The style, which is close to the individual members and on which they build their musical message, comes mostly from the direction of blues and blues rock, but also shows Americana, folk or funky elements.

Jakub Andrzejewski is a singer and guitarist who has been at the head of the locally well-known group Pokoye Numer 3 for years. He started his musical career at a very young age and worked with Kasa Chorych, Jerzy Styczyński, Sebastian Riedel, Cree, among others.

lucky troubles 5Andrzej Kownacki is a musician well-known to blues audiences who uses and plays almost all common percussion instruments. He divides his time between music activities in Poland and Germany. He is known for his collaborations with Sławek Wierzcholski and Night Change Blues, Magda Piskorczyk, Jan Gałach, Stef Rosen, Will Jacobs.

Maciej Zdanowicz has been associated with the Poznan-based band GLASSPOP for years. He began his adventure with the guitar in the world of blues sounds and over time developed a passion for rock, fusion and pop. He has collaborated with the bands Hot Water and Wolna Sobota and recently with Maciej Kręc on his album Brothers & Friends. Blue's Super Session".

lucky troubles 2The experience and creativity of these three musicians ensure that the music they often interpret sets new standards and invites the listener on a colorful journey of sound.

Both original compositions and live covers in the repertoire are often a starting point for artists to improvise, thanks to which their concerts are always interesting and full of emotions. The trio is working on the first album, which will feature compositions and lyrics by Jakub, Andrzej and Maciej.

The premiere of the album is planned for the summer of 2023.

Own compositions enrich the repertoire

lucky troubles 3The band on the song "Burning Tires": "The song is about a long-awaited moment to take a deep breath, a chance to leave everyday duties and worries behind for a while."

The world we live in is becoming more and more exciting and the number of everyday topics to be dealt with is increasing. The need for rest and relaxation becomes all the more important. And while everyone has their own way of "letting things go," paradoxically, this is getting faster and faster.

Acceleration, wind in your hair, favorite music from the car loudspeakers - this allows musicians to clear their heads and recharge their batteries. Could this also be your path? Jakub, Andrzej and Maciej encourage you to try it and invite you on a journey together.

lucky troubles 4The recordings for "Burning Tires" took place in 2022 in home studios in Poznań and Bydgoszcz

Mix, mastering: Joachim Krukowski,
Studio Gielda in Poznań
Producer: Lucky Troubles
Keywords: Burning tires, happy problems

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